Robert Ashenoff Sr.

The Boss


As the general manager of Tremont Towing for the past 24 years, Robert Ashenoff Sr. is no stranger to confrontations. He’s been cussed at, spit at and even had his teeth knocked out – all in the service of upholding South Beach’s parking rules and regulations. Described by his 6’7 son as “the only man I fear,” Robert Sr. is loveable but tough-as-nails. He trains as a boxer three times a week and has lost more 250 lbs., intent on enjoying an eventual retirement alongside his family.


Robert Ashenoff Jr.

Senior Driver


The heir apparent to Robert Sr.’s general manager position, Robert Ashenoff Jr. is determined to establish himself as Tremont’s best driver and as someone capable of running his own business. But father and son have very different styles, and Robert Jr.’s brash approach to towing leads to a slew of conflicts. Meanwhile, he constantly butts heads with baby sister Christie, who runs Tremont’s dispatch. Increasingly impatient, Robert Jr. is tired of taking orders and is ready to call the shots.


Christie Ashenoff



Christie Ashenoff is her father’s angel and the glue that holds Tremont together. Part-therapist, part-air traffic controller, she’s also at the center of countless confrontations, as she must contend with an endless line of angry vehicle owners who think that the rules don’t apply to them. All the while, she must juggle a roster of temperamental tow truck drivers. But the heavily tattooed Christie doesn’t suffer fools and always manages to keep the boys in line.





Though one of the best drivers in South Beach, Eddie is also Tremont’s “black sheep.” A self-described “solo bolo,” he doesn’t care what the other drivers think of him. He’s not there to make friends. But his bad attitude, coupled with a tendency to invite unnecessary conflict onto the yard, is becoming a concern for Robert Sr. With a wife and five kids to provide for, Eddie has to make a decision to either shape up or ship out.





Tremont’s resident ladies man, Jerome loves to smile, laugh and make his moolah. Described by Christie as a “big cuddly bear,” Jerome has been working at the company for eight years and is considered a part of the Ashenoff family. Even though he’d rather keep things upbeat, Jerome’s co-workers can always count on him to have their backs when things get crazy – which is pretty much every day at Tremont.





The newest addition to the Tremont squad, Perez is a charismatic, smooth-talker from Queens. Working both smarter and harder, this ambitious driver keeps his ear to the streets and relies heavily on networking to give him an edge on the competition. Loved by some and loathed by others, Perez is determined to climb his way to the top of the Miami towing game, regardless of who he steps on along the way.





After a disastrous one-day stint at Tremont last season, Bernice redeemed herself by selling out the crew from The Finest - and now Robert Sr. is taking a chance and bringing her back on staff. A tough-as-nails Overtown native, Bernice is a fan of tackle football, strip clubs, and money. Her chief objective in the field? To line her pockets with cash, and smack fire to anyone who comes between her and her money. But to survive at Tremont, Bernice has to learn to play by the rules…and it won't be easy.